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Roback, Joseph and Coleman, Anita (2007) Latest News.

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Available under License Creative Commons GNU GPL (Software).

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Item Type: Plug-in
Plugin-type: ?? p-screen ??
EPrints Version: EPrints 3
License: GPL
Date: February 2007
Creators Name: Roback, Joseph and Coleman, Anita
Institution: University of Arizona
Date Deposited: 15 Feb 2007 11:38
Last Modified: 14 May 2010 12:18


Latest News is an EPrints plug-in developed by Joseph Roback and Anita Coleman (University of Arizona). It provides a web-based interface seamlessly integrated with EPrints and includes the following features among others: 1) News can be posted on the home page of the EPrints archive 2) Utilizing EPrints login system, administrators can authorize users by role (admin/editor/user) to create/edit news 3) All plug-in functions are available via the Admin pages of EPrints with appropriate permissions 4) The number of news items is configurable and there are separate configurations for inline and standalone news. Scholarly behavior, including self-archiving, varies by discipline but the Latest News plug-in helps archive managers connect their research communities by posting relevant news and showcasing new members much more easily. Latest News has been developed and used in the context of an EPrints archive, dLIST, Digital Library of Information Science & Technology, a cross-institutional subject repository for the Information Sciences. Implementation of Latest News also provides a customized and fresh look to the archive since news can be posted frequently. Finally, participation in Latest News enables all self-archiving scholars to see themselves as active participants not just in repository growth and use but also its design and software development.


To use the News plugin inline, Apache Server-Side Includes (SSI) need to be enabled.


See for additional installation instructions.


© 2007 Anita Coleman, Joseph Roback

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