Script for checking EPM checksums

Newman, David R Script for checking EPM checksums.

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Available under License GNU LGPL 3.0.

Item Type: Script
EPrints Version: EPrints 3 > EPrints 3.4
License: GPL
Creators Name: Newman, David R
Department: EPrints Services
Institution: University of Southampton
Date Deposited: 22 Nov 2023 09:41
Last Modified: 22 Nov 2023 09:41


This is a script originally written as a Nagios Remote Process Execution (NRPE) script for monitoring using Icinga. However, it is useful as a stand-alone script to see if EPM files under the EPrints core codebase have been modified. It will not check whether configuration files at an archive level have been modified. It is assumed that these will likely have been modified and should be separately managed by the archive's own version control (i.e. individual repository owners' keeping their archive-level configuration in Git, SVN, etc.)


Only tested on EPrints 3.4 but probably will work on EPrints 3.3. Following Perl modules are required: File::Slurp, XML::LibXML, XML::Twig, Digest::MD5, Getopt::Long, Pod::Usage.


1. Download the script to the server hosting your EPrints repository and make sure it is executable. 2. Ensure the appropriate Perl modules described in requirements are installed 3. Run the script. Using the following arguments if your EPrints path or ignore list file are not the defaults: --eprints_path --ignore_list

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