Bulk Delete

Gutteridge, Christopher Bulk Delete.

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Item Type: Script
EPrints Version: EPrints 2 > EPrints 2.3
License: GPL
Creators Name: Gutteridge, Christopher
Department: School of Electronics and Computer Science
Institution: University of Southampton
Date Deposited: 01 Feb 2007 15:41
Last Modified: 14 May 2010 12:18


This script searches for eprints and then erases the eprints that match the search.


Caution; this script can delete EVERYTHING if you're not careful.


Edit the script to your dataset (inbox, buffer, archive or deletion) and archiveid. Change the search parameter. Check the "remove" line is commented out then do a dry run first to check it will delete the right things. Then uncomment it and run it for real...

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