IRStats-1.0 Beta 1

Tarrant, David and Field, Adam and Brody, Tim IRStats-1.0 Beta 1.

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Item Type: Plug-in
EPrints Version: EPrints 3 > EPrints 3.1
EPrints 3 > EPrints 3.0
License: GPL
Creators Name: Tarrant, David and Field, Adam and Brody, Tim
Date Deposited: 17 Apr 2009 13:31
Last Modified: 14 May 2010 12:18


IRStats for EPrints is the much anticipated stats package which allows you to keep track of your publications downloads as well as track who is downloading from your archive.


awstats | Geo::IP perl library | Date::Calc perl library | Logfile::EPrints perl library | ChartDirector (


See the enclosed INSTALL file

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