SWORD 1.3 for EPrints 3.1

Francois, S (2009) SWORD 1.3 for EPrints 3.1.

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Official URL: http://wiki.eprints.org/w/SWORD

Item Type: Plug-in
EPrints Version: EPrints 3 > EPrints 3.1
License: GPL
Date: 11 June 2009
Creators Name: Francois, S
Department: School of Electronics and Computer Science
Institution: University of Southampton
Date Deposited: 11 Jun 2009 13:29
Last Modified: 14 May 2010 12:18


This is the SWORD 1.3 implementation for EPrints. SWORD allows remote deposit of items in various formats (zip, xml...) by using the Atom/APP protocol used in blog websites. SWORD has been implemented by other repository software platforms and aims at defining a unique global interface for depositing items. For more information about SWORD, please consult the following address: http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/repositories/digirep/index/SWORD The former version of SWORD (v1.2) is available from http://files.eprints.org/305.


EPrints 3.1 (will not work on EPrints 3.0 and will be included in EPrints 3.2) and the PERL modules MIME::Base64 and Digest::MD5 (available from cpan.org).


Installation and configuration is described in the QUICKINSTALL file.


ECS, University of Southampton

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