EPrints MDC Layer

Francois, S and Miles-Board, T and Austin, T (2009) EPrints MDC Layer.

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Item Type: Plug-in
EPrints Version: EPrints 3 > EPrints 3.1
License: GPL
Date: 14 December 2009
Creators Name: Francois, S and Miles-Board, T and Austin, T
Department: School of Electronics and Computer Science
Institution: University of Southampton
Date Deposited: 14 Dec 2009 17:18
Last Modified: 14 May 2010 12:18


This package allows EPrints to send XML datasets to a DataCentre. Note that this extension is compatible with any data centre that implements a REST interface that complies with the MDC API, further details of which can be found in the documentation at http://wiki.eprints.org/w/EP2DCOverview


+ PERL: "LWP::UserAgent", "HTTP::Request::Common", "Authen::NTLM", "LWP::Authen::Ntlm", "HTML::Entities" + An MDC back-end


cf. README.ep2dc included in the package or on the wiki page: http://wiki.eprints.org/w/EP2DCOverview#Install


EPrints Services, University of Southampton

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