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Chirkova, Julia (2013) EPrints 3.3 Russian Translation.

Yao, Jiadi (2013) Arabic, Chinese, Urdu Translations.

Wolf, Gunnar and Merlino, Cristian (2012) EPrints 3.3.8 translation to Spanish.

Zubenko, Ihor and Oleksiychuk, Yuriy and Students, OA (2012) EPrints 3.3.8 Ukrainian Translation.

Bouthat, Chantal and Couture, Marc and Fusaro, Magda and Lanthier, Stéphanie and Nguyen, Minh-Quanh (2009) Traduction française de EPrints, version 3.1.

Pittau, Stefano (2008) Italian Translation (3.1.1).

Daniere, Kim (2007) French Translation Eprints3.0.

Ramos Vidot, Orapma (2007) Translation of the system phrases files into Spanish.

Himler, Daniel (2007) German Translation (3.0).

Proskudina, G.Yu. and Kudim, K.A. (2007) Ukrainian Translation (3.0).

Velkov, Lubomir (2006) Bulgarian Translation (2.3.4).

Sacchi, Simone and Tajoli, Zeno (2005) Italian Translation (2.3.13).

Danière, Kim and Serme, Jérôme (2005) French Translation (2.3.12).

Schallehn, Volker (2005) German Translation (2.3.12).

Suzuki, Keiji (2005) Japanese Translation (2.3.11).

Herreros, Victor (2004) Spanish Translation (2.3.4).

Csirmaz, Laszlo and Herreros Villanueva, Victor (2004) Hungarian and Spanish Translation (2.3.3).

Boulétreau, Viviane French Translation (2.1).

Chantavaridou, Elisavet Greek translation 3.0.

Suzuki, Keiji Japanese Translation (2.3.8).

Ogrodniczuk, Maciej Polish translation of EPrints 3.1.3.

Zapevalova, Elena Russian Translation (2.1.1).

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