A simple interface to www.scholix.org Takes a PID, eg a DOI, passes this to the Scholix API for a list of related online resources. Renders the results as an HTML list. Designed for easy inclusion in other pages via an ajax call. Justin Bradley, EPrints Services, April 2020 Place the scholix cgi script in your repository, eg /opt/eprints3/archives/REPO/cgi/scholix Then hook in an ajax call where you would like the data to be included, eg on the summary pages. This is easily achieved by adding some code to eprint_render.pl eg my $pid = $eprint->get_value("id_number"); if( $pid ) { $page->appendChild( $repository->make_element("div", id => "scholix") ); $page->appendChild( $repository->make_javascript( "new Ajax.Updater( 'scholix', '/cgi/scholix', { parameters:'pid=$pid'}); ") ); } Or as part of a citation, eg
To see an example of this code in action please visit AWI's EPrints repository, EPIC. eg https://epic.awi.de/id/eprint/47561/ https://epic.awi.de/id/eprint/50781/