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Bradley, Justin (2020) A simple CGI script for looking up resources against Scholix.

Brody, Tim and Bradley, Justin and Francois, Sebastien (2014) PIRUS/IRUS-UK PUSH Implementation.

Salter, John (2012) EThOS webservice download tool.

Berry, Robert J (2012) Archive User Deposits.

Berry, Robert J (2012) EPrints Move Division.

West, Peter (2012) Metadata Update.

Miles-Board, Timothy and Schober, Peter (2012) EPrints webserver authentication.

Sheppard, Nicholas and Gregson, Mark (2011) XML Sitemap Creation Script.

Gregg, Brian (2010) General purpose Email Users script.

Tucker, Megan and Britton, John (2010) Paper of the Day and Download Counter for index.html.

Schulkins, Joseph (2009) Scopus CitedBy script.

Brody, Tim (2009) ISI Citation Data Import Script.

Gutteridge, Christopher and Csirmaz, László (2007) set_lang: set language script for Eprints3.

Keene, Chris (2007) Simple usage statistics (using analog).

Gutteridge, Christopher and Brody, Tim (2007) Migration Toolkit v1.0-beta-1.

Muldoon, Mark (2007) Register Captcha: a CGI script to do EPrints registrations with Authen::Captcha.

Gutteridge, Christopher (2007) Import BibTeX via CGI.

Francois, Sebastien (2006) EPrints 2 Duplicates Detection (Beta Version).

Sale, Arthur and McGee, Christian (2006) ePrintsStats - Tasmania Statistics Software.

Miles-Board, Timothy (2005) Tweak LDAP settings & import user accounts.

Tajoli, Zeno Add a counter in your web pages.

Muldoon, Mark Add Cover.

Gutteridge, Christopher Bulk Delete.

Tajoli, Zeno Check Subjects.

Csirmaz, Laslo Contributors can edit their submissions.

Csirmaz, László Correcting the manual of the import_subjects script.

Miles-Board, Timothy Endnote2EPrintsXML.

Parnitzke, Antje Eprint2Exportfile.

Gutteridge, Christopher EPrints 2 to 3 toolkit.

Belling, Michael Export metadata in BIBTEX-format.

Sechaud, Stephane External Subjects - Dewey Decimal Classification.

Stefanik, Kevin Grab info from PubMed for eprint.

Csirmaz, Laslo Help translating EPrints.

Gutteridge, Christopher Import Example.

Gutteridge, Christopher Import OAI via CGI.

Gutteridge, Christopher Import reference via CGI.

Parnitzke, Antje Import Users.

Gutteridge, Christopher Import XML via CGI.

Tugnoli, Alessandro and Tajoli, Zeno Improved Paracite.

Gutteridge, Christopher Latest Days.

Gutteridge, Christopher Move papers from submit buffer to live archive.

Gutteridge, Christopher Pre-import files.

Miles-Board, Timothy Request Eprint.

Newman, David R Script for checking EPM checksums.

Csirmaz, Laszlo User name rendering depends on session language.

Csirmaz, Laslo Utility to collect phrases.

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