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Tajoli, Zeno Add a counter in your web pages.

Muldoon, Mark Add Cover.

Brody, Tim Add/remove configured fields from the database.

Csirmaz, Laslo Allow pins to be used more than once.

Carr, Leslie Batch Editing.

Gutteridge, Christopher Bulk Delete.

Tajoli, Zeno Check Subjects.

Carr, Leslie Citation Tracking.

Carr, Leslie Community of practice.

Csirmaz, Laslo Contributors can edit their submissions.

Csirmaz, László Correcting the manual of the import_subjects script.

Csirmaz, Laszlo Diff for -- proper utf-8 encoding.

Bradley, Justin Docker config files for EPrints 3.4. .

Bradley, Justin Docker config files for GitHub based EPrints 3.4. .

Carr, Leslie Duplicate Avoidance.

Hallett, Jon Duplicate title detection.

Sechaud, Stephane Email reminders for items with no full-text and statistics.

Miles-Board, Timothy Endnote2EPrintsXML.

Csirmaz, László epadmin create writes repository name for all configured languages.

Parnitzke, Antje Eprint2Exportfile.

Gutteridge, Christopher EPrints 2 to 3 toolkit.

Moffatt, Sam ePrints 3.1.0 Author ID Patch v2.

Carr, LA EPrints 3.2: Meeting Institutional Requirements.

Brody, Tim Experimental support for unpacking TeX packages.

Belling, Michael Export metadata in BIBTEX-format.

Sechaud, Stephane External Subjects - Dewey Decimal Classification.

Csirmaz, Laslo Flag images. , Budapest, Hungary.

Brody, Tim and Gutteridge, Christopher and Tarrant, David and Francois, Sebastien and Jewell, Mike and Miles-Board, Tim and Yao, Jiadi and Bradley, Justin and Newman, David R FOR TESTING ONLY - Debian package of EPrints 3.3.15 for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial).

Boulétreau, Viviane French Translation (2.1).

Brody, Tim Glass Eprints 3 Theme. .

Stefanik, Kevin Grab info from PubMed for eprint.

Csirmaz, Laszlo Grace period for registration on local language too.

Chantavaridou, Elisavet Greek translation 3.0.

Csirmaz, Laslo Help translating EPrints.

Gregg, Brian HOWTO: EPrints Automated Web Server Log file rotation for HTTPS and HTTP configuration via Cronolog. .

Gutteridge, Christopher Import Example.

Gutteridge, Christopher Import OAI via CGI.

Gutteridge, Christopher Import reference via CGI.

Parnitzke, Antje Import Users.

Gutteridge, Christopher Import XML via CGI.

Tugnoli, Alessandro and Tajoli, Zeno Improved Paracite.

Field, Adam and Brody, Tim and François, Sébastien and Tarrant, David IRStats 1.0.3.

Suzuki, Keiji Japanese Translation (2.3.8).

Gutteridge, Christopher JSON export for EPrints mashup fun.

Carr, Leslie Keyword Suggestion.

Gutteridge, Christopher Latest Days.

Tarrant, David Launching the EPrints Training Amazon AMI (5 minute video).

Pinassi, Michele Mass Mailer User plugin.

Sechaud, Stephane MePrints - Projects and Funders Widgets.

McSweeney, Patrick and Ramsden, Marcus and Francois, Sebastien and Miles-Board, Tim MePrints 1.3.

Brody, Tim Metadata and Bibliography Extraction in EPrints 3.3.0.

Gutteridge, Christopher Move papers from submit buffer to live archive.

Carr, Leslie Name Authorities for Journals.

Carr, Leslie Name Authority Lists.

Ingram, Rob OpenAIRE Compliance Plug-in.

Stumpf, mathieu Patch to use a cas server to authenticate.

Ogrodniczuk, Maciej Polish translation of EPrints 3.1.3.

Bradley, Justin Pre-canned EPrints 3.4 Publications archive.

Gutteridge, Christopher Pre-import files.

Tarrant, D and Brody, T Preserv2/EPrints Preservation Plugins.

Tarrant, D and Brody, T Preserv2/EPrints Preservation Plugins.

Brody, Tim Preview of changes to EPrint Item Control page.

McSweeney, Patrick and Francois, Sebastien and Ramsden, Marcus PreviewPlus.

Carr, Leslie Quality Assurance.

Bradley, Justin RefWorks export plugin.

Miles-Board, Timothy Request Eprint.

Schober, Peter RPM Spec fix for "Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found".

Gutteridge, Christopher RSS Export of all Items, suitable for Wordle.

Zapevalova, Elena Russian Translation (2.1.1).

Newman, David R Script for checking EPM checksums.

Csirmaz, Laszlo Search not yielding result can be stored.

Carr, Leslie Tag clouds.

UNSPECIFIED The EPrints Slide Template. .

McNicholl, Rory Use render_styles for dates in input form too.

Csirmaz, Laszlo User name rendering depends on session language.

Csirmaz, Laslo Utility to collect phrases.

Carr, Leslie Web-based Administration and Configuration Management.

Gutteridge, Christopher YAML Export Plugin.

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